Why Raion Power Lead Acid Batteries Are Not Available For Sale On Amazon Prime

Why Raion Power Lead Acid Batteries Are Not Available For Sale On Amazon Prime

Posted by Raion Group on Feb 11th 2019

If you go to Amazon, you will see our Raion Power batteries for sale; however, you will not see the Prime icon next to our products. This is because our products are fulfilled (merchant fulfilled) by Raion Group, the manufacturer of Raion Power products. In this blog post, we will discuss why this is the case and the benefits of purchasing our merchant fulfilled products on Amazon.

Why Are Raion Power Lead Acid Batteries Not On Prime?

Lead acid batteries are currently classified as hazardous by Amazon's hazmat fulfillment team. This means that certain products are regulated and banned from being fulfilled by Amazon. Although Raion Group has been authorized for the Hazmat Program by Amazon's hazmat team, lead acid batteries have been banned from further fulfillment. This means that companies can no longer send lead acid battery inventory into Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA), and the remainder of the lead acid battery inventory in Amazon's warehouse must be sold off or the vendors must remove their inventory from Amazon's warehouses. If the company decides to keep their inventory at Amazon, according to Amazon's hazmat team, Amazon buys the inventory and liquidates the inventory.

Why Buying Raion Power Batteries From Third Party Merchants Is Better Than Prime Batteries

There are many reasons why buying Raion Power lead acid batteries from Raion Group as a third party merchant is better than buying sealed lead acid batteries from prime. 

  1. First being is that there are thousands of units that Amazon is trying to liquidate out of their warehouse due to the inventory being classified as hazmat. This means that Amazon has purchased the existing inventory from the vendors and is trying to sell the inventory as fast as they can. At the time of writing this, this removal order, to our knowledge, has existed for almost half a year. This could be longer. This means that the inventory is considered old. At Raion Group, we have consistent supply of fresh batteries arriving from our factories. This means the batteries your get delivered to you are factory fresh new stock of batteries.
  2. We voltage match all battery sets that are ordered. Batteries perform best when their voltages are similar to each other (100 mV for a 12V battery & 50 mV for a 6V battery). This also improves the lifespan of the batteries. The best way to think about voltage matching and how it improves the lifespan of all the batteries is to think about the tires of a car. If the tire threads are not uniform the life of the tires will be reduced. If you have an older tire and a new tire in the car the your efficiency of your car will drastically decrease in addition to the remaining tires wearing unevenly. The actual life of the tires will be close to that of the older tire rather than the new one. This is a process not attainable with sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries sold on Amazon Prime as the batteries are now handled by Amazon (they do not have the capability to do voltage matching).
  3. Batteries sold on Amazon Prime are sitting in a warehouse waiting to be liquidated; however, this may take time. This means that the inventory is not only old, but also with time, can lose its charge. If for example, a 12V battery is left alone and the voltage drops below 10.5V, the battery is likely to face irreparable damage. We circumvent this, by top charging our batteries prior to shipment. In the process of voltage matching, the batteries get top charged. This means your batteries will come charged to your doorstep (best practice is still to place your battery on the charger).
  4. We have experience in shipping lead acid batteries for more than a decade. This means that we know how to properly package and ship these batteries quickly to our customers. 
  5. All of our batteries must pass our strict quality control tests prior to being shipped out to you.
  6. We still offer speedy fast shipping on all orders. Our centrally located warehouse in Dallas, Texas, enables us to ship our batteries with such speed. We ship 5 days a week with a 1 business day fulfillment timeframe. In most cases, orders are shipped within the same business day.

How To Tell If Batteries Are Fulfilled By Amazon

Our other composition batteries such as NICAD (Nickel Cadmium) batteries are available on Prime (sold by Raion Group, not Amazon). These are not considered hazardous by Amazon. If you are on the market for sealed lead acid batteries for applications such as UPS backup systems, wheelchairs, power scooters, fire alarms, security systems, and more, it will be fulfilled by Amazon (they are trying to liquidate their inventory). You can confirm this by clicking:

Note: Available at a lower price from other sellers, potentially without free Prime shipping.

This will take you to a screen where you will see the following:

As you can see the prime service is offered by You can try this verification process for other non hazardous products. You should see the actual vendor who is selling it with the prime icon.