How To Replace The Batteries in A LiftMaster 475LM Evercharge Garage Door Battery Backup Unit

How To Replace The Batteries in A LiftMaster 475LM Evercharge Garage Door Battery Backup Unit

Posted by Raion Group on Sep 28th 2021

How To Replace The Batteries in A LiftMaster 475LM Garage Door Battery Backup Unit

In this blog, we will be showing you how you can save money and increase the runtime of your LiftMaster 475LM battery backup unit when you replace your old batteries with the Raion Power RG1250WP 12V 5Ah battery. 

What is the LiftMaster 475LM?

The LiftMaster 475LM EverCharge unit is an external battery backup unit that will provide backup power to your garage door unit in case of a power outage. Battery backup units are required in new construction sites in some states such as California, and it is highly recommended to have in other states. The state of California enacted this requirement as a result of consumers losing power to their homes when fires took out the power infrastructure. As a result, people struggled to manually lift the garage doors. 

The standard batteries that comes in your LiftMaster 475LM EverCharge battery backup unit is a 12V 4.5Ah lead acid battery. This battery is rated to run your garage door on battery power for up to 20 cycles. Each cycle is considered as opening the garage door and then closing it.

Supplies required to change the battery

  1. Raion Power RG1250WP battery set. (click here to order)
  2. Screw driver
  3. Gloves
  4. Eye Protection
  5. Ratchet
  6. Socket set

Raion Power RG1250WP Battery Benefits

The standard battery that comes in your LiftMaster 475LM unit is a 12V 4.5Ah battery. This battery set is rated to run your unit for 20 cycles when the batteries are fully charged. The Raion Power RG1250WP unit is a 12V 5Ah battery, and it is the same physical size as the original battery. This results in up to 25% additional runtime when compared to the standard 12V 4.5Ah OEM battery.

The battery terminals for this product are non-standard terminals, and the way the LiftMaster 475LM are designed, there is not much room to work in the unit if you try to splice the original battery wires on to a standard 12V 5Ah battery with a terminal convertor. This results in the battery not fitting in to the plastic battery back up unit, and as a result, you will need to modify the unit by cutting it. The Raion Power RG1250WP battery set comes fully assembled with the wires internally installed in the battery. It is a plug and play unit that is designed to directly swap the original battery in your LiftMaster 475LM unit. 

Currently, at the time of posting this blog, the Raion Power RG1250WP battery is a lower cost alternative to the original LiftMaster or Chamberlain branded replacement 41B591 battery set, and the Raion Power set offers better performance. 

How To Install The Batteries

  1. The first step will be to remove the the LiftMaster 475LM unit from its wall mounting position. To do so, you will need to use your ratchet and socket set to remove the 2 bolts that are holding the unit to the wall. Set these two bolts aside as you will require them to reinstall the unit.
  2. Once the unit has been removed from the wall, you will see that there are 4 screws on the rear of the unit. These screws hold on the rear plate to the LiftMaster 475LM unit. Once you have removed the 4 screws, set them aside as you will require them to reinstall this back plate to the EverCharge LiftMaster 475LM unit.
  3. After removing the 4 screws from the previous steps, the back place can be lifted revealing the 2 batteries inside of the unit. 
  4. Each battery is connected onto the board using a clip. There is a plastic lever that you will need to carefully pull next to where the battery is connected on the board. This will enable you to disconnect the battery plug from the board. You will need to repeat this step for the other battery in the battery backup unit.
  5. Once the batteries have been disconnected from the board, you can lift both batteries out of the LiftMaster 475LM unit. You will need to recycle these batteries based on your local ordinances, or you can send the batteries to us using the the instructions below, and we will recycle your old batteries at no additional cost to you (customer will be responsible for shipping charges to Raion Group).
  6. You will need to take the Raion Power RG1250WP batteries and place them into the case just like the old batteries were positioned. The part of the battery where the wires come out of the battery needs to be positioned closest to the section where the batteries will be connected to the board.
  7. Take each battery harness, and plug them into the closest port on the board where the original batteries were connected.
  8. After both batteries have been connected, take the excess wire and carefully tuck them into the battery backup unit.
  9. Re-install the back plate using the 4 screws that were removed in step 2.
  10. Before installing the LiftMaster 475LM unit back on the wall, we recommend that you connect the unit to your garage door unit. If properly installed, the green light on the unit will blink continuously until it is fully charged.
  11. After testing that the batteries are charging, you can reinstall the unit onto the wall using the bolts that were removed from step 1. The batteries should be charged overnight, and the blinking green light will change to a solid green light once the unit is fully charged.

How to Recycle Your Old Batteries

You cannot throw away your old batteries in your trash can. You will need to consult your local ordinance to see how to properly recycle these batteries based on where you are located. We offer customers free recycling of old batteries. The customer will be responsible for paying for postage; however, once the item has been received by our recycling department, our team will take care of the rest. If you would like for us to take care of your recycling, please have your batteries mailed to the address below:

Raion Group Recycling Department

1400 S Sherman St

Ste 124

Richardson, TX 75081

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